Sony DCRVX2100 semi professional digital video camera

The Sony DCRVX2100 opens the door to the world of semi professional digital video cameras at reasonable prices.  The serious recreational video enthusiasts will certainly find the Sony DCRVX2100 to be an absolute dream to drive.  This is one serious semi professional video camera with features that cost tens of thousands of dollars elsewhere.

As a training provider wanting to shoot support video films for all my training products, I was faced with having to hire a professional video camera or hire the services of a professional video cameraman.  The costs of both proved to be prohibitive.  With Sony, I was able to purchase a digital video camera that produced broadcast quality video films anytime I wanted and at a fraction of the cost charged by professionals!  

Sony DCRVX2100 semi professional digital video camera in a nutshell

Sony DCRVX2100

The Sony DCRVX2100 semi professional digital video camera is a rugged and good looking. 

3CCD MINIDV HANDYCAM DCRVX2100 is built for the Serious Videographer.  The Sony DCRVX2100 delivers excellent low-light performance using the new Advanced HAD CCD progressive scan technology. 

By increasing the CCD's sensitivity to light, the Sony DCRVX2100 produces clearer, brighter video with more lifelike colour reproduction, even when it has been recorded in dimly lit environments.

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Sony professional digital video camera lens Sony DCRVX2100 semi professional video camera features precision made Aspherical Ground Glass 58mm Lens.  The quality of the lens is critical in all photographic equipment--more so in semi professional video cameras.  The quality of each frame has to be of the highest integrity. 

Larger diameter allows more light to strike the Advanced HAD™ CCD imagers for greater detail and clarity, while the Aspherical lens reduces optical distortion, and provide better corner-to-corner focus.

Sony is one of the first manufacturer of semi professional video imaging equipment to invest in high quality lens.  Indeed this is true even in some of the less expensive cameras and digital video cameras in the Sony range.

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If your work depends on being able to take quality professional video films, the Sony DCRVX2100 semi professional video camera will do the job for you.  The DCRVX2100 has all the features you need to produce professional looking video films without having to have a degree in cinematography. 

 professional digital video camera menu

All the menu controls are where you can easily access them.  You will have to read the manual :-)  But learning how to use the menu features is very easy.  Indeed if you own a previous Sony digital video camera, you will find the transition very easy indeed.

12X Optical/48X Digital Zoom
The optical zoom helps to bring the action up close from far away. In addition, the digital zoom interpolation means that extreme digital zooming is clearer, with less distortion than previous types of digital zooms.

If you are an investigator, or if you often take pictures in low light, the this camera is exactly what you need.  Whether you need court admissible video evidence, quality scientific data or just great video images this camera will help you achieve the results you need--once again, without having to make complex light calculations. 

The camera is not designed for night shooting.  However, Sony's new Advanced HAD™ progressive scan CCD technology delivers superior low-light performance without the use of infrared technology.  By increasing the CCD's sensitivity to light, clearer, brighter video with more lifelike colour can be captured, even when recording in dimly lit environments.

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Sony DCRVX2100 semi professional digital video camera in depth


Key features
  • 3CCD MiniDV Handycam
  • Advanced HAD Technology
  • 48x / 24x Selectable Digital zoom (12x Optical zoom)
  • Memory Stick Slot
  • High Quality 16:9 Recording
  • 2.5" Hybrid LCD
  • Zoom Key (Lever / Ring)
  • Photo mode on Memory Stick (Progressive Scan): 640x480
  • PCM Digital Stereo Audio: Recording (12/16 bit), Playback (12/16 bit, 32k, 44k, 48k), PCM Mix Balance
  • Audio Dub ( Mic / Line)
  • Zebra Pattern (100% / 70% / Off)
  • Interval Recording (Moving Images on Camera only)
  • Frame Recording
  • Optical Super SteadyShot (Camera only)
  • Colour Bar (Menu)
  • Guide Frame (Menu)
  • Automatic / Manual Shutter Speed (20 Steps)
  • Automatic / Manual Focus (Ring Type)
  • Custom presets: Set, Chroma Level, Sharpness, WB Shift, AE shift, AGC limit, Reset
  • White Balance: Auto / Outdoor / Indoor
  • Exposure Control (19 Steps)
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Preset and Custom Title
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Backlight Composition
  • Spotlight Composition
  • Built-in Microphone (Stereo Electric Condenser) with Automatic Wind position
  • Recording Level Control (31 Steps)
  • Built in Speaker (16 mm)
  • Headphone Volume Control (32 Steps)
  • Multi Sound Switch (via Menu)
  • SP / LP Recording
  • NTSC Playback on Pal TV
  • Digital Signal Convert Function
  • Digital Program Editing on Tape
  • Advance Data Code (Date/Time/Camera info)
  • Tape to Memory Stick Recording IN/OUT (Stills Only)
  • ImageMixer software

Supplied Accessories:
  • Remote commander
  • Lens Hood
  • InfoLITHIUM Battery (NPF330)
  • AV cable (stereo)
  • 8Mb Memory Stick
  • Battery charger


  • Zoom: 48x / 24x Digital, 12x Optical :
  • F: 1.6 – 2.4 :
  • f (Focal Distance): 6.0 – 72.0 mm :
  • f (35mm Conversion): 43.2 - 518.4 mm:
  • 3CCD: 1/3" 450,000 pixel per CCD :
  • Progressive / Interlace, Effective 400,000 pixels per CCD :
  • Filter Diameter: 58 mm :
  • Minimum Illumination: 1 lux :
  • Shutter Speed: 1/3 - 1/10000 :
  • Program AE modes: 5 :
  • Memory Mix modes: 4:
  • Fader Effects: 5:
  • Digital Picture Effects: 6 :
  • Picture Effects: 6 :
  • Viewfinder: Colour :
  • LCD: 2.5" Hybrid 211,000 pixels:
  • Weight: 1.5kg (without tape & battery) :
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 120x159x393 mm :

Approximate Continuous Recording Time with InfoLITHIUM L Series (LCD 0ff)

  • NPF330: 70 min:

Approximate Continuous Recording Time with InfoLITHIUM L Series (LCD Off)

  • NPF550: 145 min:
  • NPF730: 260 min:
  • NPF750: 305 min:
  • NPF960: 560 min:


  • i.LINK (IEEE1394) IN / OUT :
  • Video IN / OUT :
  • S-Video IN / OUT :
  • Audio IN / OUT (Stereo 2 pin) :
  • Intelligent Accessory Shoe :
  • Headphone Jack (Stereo) :
  • External Microphone IN (Stereo):
  • LANC Jack


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